When should my puppy come in for their first grooming visit?
When your puppy has reached the age of 12 weeks and has received the second set of shots from the Vet, the puppy has developed enough immunities to be in an area with other dogs. It is also important not to leave puppy’s first haircut until they have had their coat change (between 5 – 8 months) and are very long and matted. This leads to a long traumatic first haircut not a pleasant first impression.

Can I bring my pets toys, blanket or treats with them for their stay?
Its best to leave all personal items at home, most pets are protective of their belongings and will feel it necessary to protect these items from strangers. We have towels for our clients to sit on for comfort when they come to visit.

Pet Grooming

Should I feed my pet before they come for their grooming visit?
It is best that your pet not eat in the morning and that they have been properly exercised. A full stomach and full bladder can cause the client extra stress or nausea making their visit very unpleasant

How long is my pet going to be there, and can I make afternoon appointments?
A normal grooming day for your pet is from 4 to 6 hours depending on the complexity of your pet’s service that they are needing. Most of our clients come in for their appointments between 8:30am and 10:00am and an afternoon appointment would not give us enough time to give the client a stress free grooming. Your pet doesn’t respond favorable to being rushed and not having the breaks between steps that they really need.

Do you drain my pets anal glands, flush their ears or brush their teeth?
These are all Veterinary services and are only performed properly, effectively and without injury by a trained technician with the supervision of the Veterinarian. If any of these conditions appear to need medical attention we will advise you of this when you return, so that they may be addressed by you pet’s vet.

Is there an extra charge for nail cutting and medicated or flea shampooing?
We offer an all inclusive service, which mean all of the services that your pet requires are included in the price that is quoted to you when your pet arrives for their day of pampering.

Can I bring my pet’s shampoo that I use at home in for you to use?
If you have a prescribed shampoo that was sold to you by your Veterinarian we encourage you to bring it with your pet, if not we have a large assortment of specialty shampoos that are designed for all of the complex issues that our clients may present.

Why won’t you shave off all of my dogs hair if I request it?
This has a two part answer depending on if your dog has HAIR or has DOUBLE COATED fur.
A dog that has HAIR (ie: Shih tzu, Bishon or Spaniel) will require grooming at least every 3 months because their hair grows continually and matting will occur unless brushed daily.Most hair styles are designed with the breed in mind and the hair serves a purpose and not just a fashion statement. Our hair styles are functional, but still give your pet dignity and style. When your pet leaves our salon they should reflect the care and attention that you give to them. There is no factual health reason that any pet would require a complete removal of their hair. Their day at the groomers should be a day of pleasure at the spa not a day at the dentist.
Shaving a DOUBLE COAT dog(ie; Pomeranian, retriever or Amex) will not cool them off. It is important to know that these dogs dilate the blood vessels in the skin to exchange the warmth of the blood with the cooler surface skin. That’s why short-coated dogs and dogs with single coats frequently suffer more in the heat – they don’t have the layer of insulating coat between the skin and air that double-coated dogs have. It is important that double-coated dogs should never be shaved off. They do need to be bathed and have the dead coat removed for the proper allowance of heat exchange. Another problem with shaving double coated dogs off is a condition called Post-clipping alopecia., which is when clipping causes an arrest in the coarse guard coat hair growth and a possible overproduction of the insulator undercoat.

Is my pet too old or too difficult to get their hair cut?
If you pet has developed any issue that would result in a stressful grooming experience we will always suggest a “Meet and Greet” visit and assessment. At that time we will discuss with you the steps that we recommend for future success in grooming and steps that we can do together to help your pet overcome their issues. We can also help you with the natural progression of grooming complications that go along with the physical problems that all of our pets develop with age.